It’s a bird! It’s a plane!…

Faster than a one-hour dry cleaner. More powerful than a snowblower. Able to open that damn pickle jar with a single twist. Look! In the kitchen! He cooks! He cleans! He’s SUPERDAN!!!  (teehehe…I almost managed that with a straight face)

My sweetie loves Superman and he really does do ALL the cooking, dishes and laundry.  So how could I refuse when he asked me to make him a seat cover with a Superman logo for the bench seat of our “new” truck.

Our "new" truck

Isn’t it cute?!  Although seriously in need of a wash in this pic.

Anyway, so a couple weeks ago we’re having coffee at the mall and my sweetie says, “Honey, there’s a yarn sale!”  Awesome right?  What knitter doesn’t want a significant other who’s totally enabling yet doesn’t do any actual knitting themselves–no having to share the knitting machine!  Uh huh, so we’re checking out yarn and then it comes….”Honey, isn’t this the perfect blue for that Superman cover?”

Sooo, guess what my latest project is!  I’m using my Bond/Incredible Sweater Machine with the intarsia keyplate for the logo part.  Here’s the logo in progress:

Superman logo in progress

And here’s the (almost) finished logo section:

Superman Intarsia

It’s fresh off the machine and still stretched out some in the top section.  I still had to deal with all the ends in the back when this was taken too.  Now it’s time to work out the shaping for the end pieces–the logo will be the center section–and the the bottom seat cover will be plain blue.

Hehe, today when I got off work my sweetie says, “Honey, there’s a yarn sale!”  Uh huh, so we’re checking out yarn and then it comes….”Look honey, this is just the shade of grey I’d like for that hoodie I mentioned to you the other day.”  Hmm, I think I’m starting to see a pattern here….

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The 9 Year Sweater

This is another compilation of posts from my previous blog.

November 30, 2010

Way, WAY back in 2001 I saw a sweater pattern that I just loved–San Francisco Shirttail from  I bought the pattern, waited anxiously for it to arrive and picked out a nice variegated yarn in shades of rust & brown.  Started knitting and was progressing along nicely.  I rode the bus a lot then and that’s when I did most of my knitting–about 20-30 minutes a day.
Fast forward a few months and in the spring of 2002 I had the front, back & most of one sleeve done.  Unfortunately, I was in a car accident that spring and, due to relatively minor shoulder and back injuries, was unable to knit (or do most other crafts) for several years.  So my lovely 3/4 done sweater got packed away.
A few years ago I was able to start knitting again and could NOT find my sweater! 🙁  I’ve been keeping an eye out for it for about the last 4-5 yrs…complicated by the fact that I have a LOT of craft stuff and the household has had several fairly major rearrangements (divorce, son moved out, son moved back in, moved out again…). Anyway, on the weekend I was looking for some knitting machine parts and I FOUND IT!!!  (You knew that was coming didn’t you?!? ;P)  I was delighted, I was thrilled, I was ecstatic…I was missing the pattern and the rest of the yarn…ARGGH!!
So back to the storage room…3 hours of searching later and I DID find the yarn.  I didn’t find the pattern but I did find the other two patterns I bought from the same designer and which are based on the same mitered squares.  So with the one completed sleeve to copy I have enough information to finish the sweater and knitting has recommenced!!

December 02, 2010

I have about 3/4 of the second sleeve done, then it’s seaming & cuffs.  I’m hoping to have it finished by the end of the weekend!

December 06, 2010

Well, this may just turn out to be the 10 year sweater!  Finally got the second sleeve knitted and after I started seaming I decided I didn’t like the sleeves at all.  Since I am doing the short version of the sweater, the sleeves turned out much too wide.  In the pic, the original style sleeve is on the right and the new sleeve in progress is on the left.  I ripped out the sides of the sleeve and am adding triangles at the top.  Then I will add a long wedge that will go under the arm to taper the sleeve down to the wrist.

The 9 Year Sweater

January 28, 2011

I got the sleeves finished and started on altering the bottom waistline but then the holidays and ‘stuff’ interfered and this has been put on the back burner again.

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A Sweater for Magnum

I originally started my blog somewhere else.  Since there aren’t that many posts I decided to copy them here so everything would be in one place.

November 25, 2010

Well, I’ve had 2 jewellery shows in the last 2 weeks and my next show isn’t for another 2 weeks so I’m taking a break from jewellery this week.  My project for the last couple of days has been knitting a sweater for one of our darlin’ dogs who’s getting older now and a little arthritic.  He has very short fur so the cold really bothers him.  He’s a bull mastiff mix and we couldn’t find a store-bought coat that was a decent fit.  All the ones that fit in the chest had necks too small and all the ones with big enough neck openings were way too big everywhere else. So I decided to use one of my knitting machines and whip out a doggie sweater.

Knitting machines may be faster but they’re not always easier and, depending on what you’re doing with it, they’re not always all that fast. I’m using my Bond (or ISM Incredible Sweater Machine) so I can use thicker yarn and it’s a manual knitting machine–about as manual as you can get.  That means anything other than plain stockingette needs the needles or the stitches to be manipulated by hand.  So far I’ve spent 2 nights (a total of 9 hours) just to knit the back of the sweater. Now if I’d done it in plain stockinette it would have gone a lot quicker and I’d probably be done by now but I wanted it to be nice and thick & insulating so I used what’s called a tuck stitch to make a honeycomb pattern.  That means every row I have to select by hand every 2nd needle across the bed and pull them forward and then select all the inbetween needles and push them halfway back.  I have a card called a needle selector that allows me to select about 10 needles at a time but with 118 stitches in every row (and 232 rows) it’s still time-consuming.

I don’t have a picture of the knitting in progress but here’s a picture of Magnum who turned 9 yrs old this fall.

Magnum - 9 years old

December 02, 2010

We got a LOT of snow last night.  Fortunately, Mag’s sweater is finished enough for him to wear it today.  Now I can do the final adjusting of seams and add some cuffs on the armholes (legholes??).
The front, bellystrap, neck & seaming took another  8 hours so it’s up to 17 hrs so far and it’ll probably take another 2 hrs for the leg-cuffs and finishing off.
I used mill-ends (sold by the pound) and got 2 bags ’cause I wanted to be sure to have enough–total overkill!!  But I have enough left over to make me a sweater too! 🙂

Magnum in his new sweater

December 08, 2010

A few days ago I had knit a test-“sleeve” onto his sweater but it needed to be much wider.  I have been reluctant to take his sweater out of commission for the several hours it will take to redo it because we’ve been having very cold weather.  Since I’ve been pretty busy gearing up for my show this weekend I decided to just leave it until next week.

So last night I took his sweater to rip out the ‘sleeve’ that didn’t work out since it was just kind of flapping around.  After a few minutes I notice that Magnum is pacing around the room, whining (he whines very softly under his breath so it’s hard to hear unless he’s close), and every few minutes he stops, gives me the pouty puppy look, then starts pacing again.  I finish ripping out the sleeve and show him his sweater’s fine and he plunks his butt down and just sits there whining at me.  So I go put the sweater back in it’s spot by the backdoor, Mag gives it a good sniffing and wanders off, tail wagging, to take a nap.  So, umm, yeah…I think he likes his sweater 🙂  Hehe, should be interesting next week when I have to “torture” his sweater on that noisy machine to finish it off…LOL!

January 28, 2011

I added the ‘sleeves’ and finished his sweater sometime before Christmas.  I may add another band of ribbing on the back to cover more of his butt.

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