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I accept payment through PayPal.  Prices are in USD or CAD–they are about even right now. I can also accept Email Interac from CANADIANS only.
If interested please contact me at  Please contact me if you’re interested in a “Sale pending” item and I can notify you if the sale doesn’t go through.  Happy to provide further info or more pictures for anything you’re interested in.
Prices as listed plus shipping.  Please send your address so I can give you a shipping quote.

All items have been stored in a pet-free, smoke-free, perfume-free location.  I do have dogs but they only go on the second floor (where the craft rooms are) at night when we bring them in the bedroom.  No one is allowed in the craft rooms but me ‘cept when I need lifing & hauling done and then I let Dan in 😉  I am the second, third or more owner for some items so if you have special concerns please let me know.  My mom is very allergic to smoke & scents so I can get her to check over items for you.



$4.00 – Keyto Pattern Book No 2. Designs by Patricia Whitfield – machine knit, standard gauge, skirts & tops, 12 pgs plus photos.  top front corner is scuffed up where someone removed a sticker (see pic) but otherwise in good shape.
$4.00 – Keyto Pattern Book No. 9 Designs by Patricia Whitfield – machine knit, standard gauge, skirts & tops.  In excellent condition.

$4.00 – Patterns with Bond Booklet – machine knit, bond/ISM/USM, 8 mm – several pullovers, a cardigan and 2 skirts

$5.00 – Patons Bond Pattern Book – machine knit, Bond/ISM/USM, 8 mm – 16 designs, mostly women’s sweaters also a mens’ vest & sweater

$3.00 – Patons Cardigans & Pullovers to Knit -#662 – Handknitting.  6 sweaters for men & women in chunky yarn. In very good condition inside but cover is loose and cover edges are a little worn.

$10.00 – 99 Knit Stitches – Leisure Arts – for handknitters.  In fairly good shape, sticker remains & some scuffs on the the cover.  One of the things I like best about this book is that there are 6 pages at the back that have a good quick reference guide for various knitting stitches: knit, purl, increases, decreases, twisted & crossed stitches, etc.

$30.00 – Knit a Square, Make a Toy – handknitting.  In very good condition with a little wear around edges of cover.

$12.00 – Twice-Knit Knitting by Lee Gilchrist in good condition, some minor wear around edges of cover & yellowing of pages
$50.00 – Notes on Double Knitting by Beverly Royce in excellent, like new condition



$4.00 – Time To Knit – The Magazine for BOND and Hand Knitters – Christmas 1989 in excellent conditon,
Machine and hand knitting.  Minor yellowing from age. Patterns for 3 woman’s sweaters, 2 hats, stuffed rabbit & snowman, wreath, child’s snowman sweater, baby afghan

$10.00 – Knitwords No. 22 – Autumn 2002 – in very good condition
Machine knitting. Includes articles:
– fairisle on the fine gauge
– Neck & Neck part 2, vertical applications
– DAK 7 import, tile import

$5.00 – Spin Off – Fall 2003

In very good condition.  Includes Spin & knit flower power socks – paint on handspun cloth – crochet with singles & more.


$9.00 – 6 Balls of Cotton Blend Yarn, 70 gm/2.46 oz each (total 420 gm/14.8 oz) – 95% cotton, 5% polyester. 3 balls Lilac, 1 Beige, 1 Green and 1 Orange – all soft pastel shades.  Loosely spun & would probably be better handknit (or crocheted) than by machine.

$7.50 – 5 balls Acrylic Blend 70 gm/2.46 oz each (total 350 gm/12.3 oz) – 95% acrylic, 5% polyester. 3 ball a deep wine colour and 2 balls beige

Thank you & have a great day!

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