It’s a bird! It’s a plane!…

Faster than a one-hour dry cleaner. More powerful than a snowblower. Able to open that damn pickle jar with a single twist. Look! In the kitchen! He cooks! He cleans! He’s SUPERDAN!!!  (teehehe…I almost managed that with a straight face)

My sweetie loves Superman and he really does do ALL the cooking, dishes and laundry.  So how could I refuse when he asked me to make him a seat cover with a Superman logo for the bench seat of our “new” truck.

Our "new" truck

Isn’t it cute?!  Although seriously in need of a wash in this pic.

Anyway, so a couple weeks ago we’re having coffee at the mall and my sweetie says, “Honey, there’s a yarn sale!”  Awesome right?  What knitter doesn’t want a significant other who’s totally enabling yet doesn’t do any actual knitting themselves–no having to share the knitting machine!  Uh huh, so we’re checking out yarn and then it comes….”Honey, isn’t this the perfect blue for that Superman cover?”

Sooo, guess what my latest project is!  I’m using my Bond/Incredible Sweater Machine with the intarsia keyplate for the logo part.  Here’s the logo in progress:

Superman logo in progress

And here’s the (almost) finished logo section:

Superman Intarsia

It’s fresh off the machine and still stretched out some in the top section.  I still had to deal with all the ends in the back when this was taken too.  Now it’s time to work out the shaping for the end pieces–the logo will be the center section–and the the bottom seat cover will be plain blue.

Hehe, today when I got off work my sweetie says, “Honey, there’s a yarn sale!”  Uh huh, so we’re checking out yarn and then it comes….”Look honey, this is just the shade of grey I’d like for that hoodie I mentioned to you the other day.”  Hmm, I think I’m starting to see a pattern here….

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3 Responses to It’s a bird! It’s a plane!…

  1. k2p2ssk says:

    OMG! That is tooooooo cute!!!

  2. Hi
    I really like your superman design, How long did it take to do the intarsia for the cover?
    Nice job.

    • pauline says:

      Thank you! This was the first time I used the intarsia keyplate for the Bond for a real project. I was very impressed with how easily it went once I got going. The logo is about 125 stitches wide, 52 or 54 rows high and measures around 14 inches high. I did it in 3 sessions of 2-3 hrs each plus a few rows here & there when I had a few minutes waiting for something.

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