Inserting a Zipper

The first part of the story of making this cardigan was in a previous post Cabled Cardigan

My favourite method of inserting zippers into knits is to use the garment yarn and a knit repair (mini latch-hook) tool to chain stitch the zipper directly to the band/edging.  This is based on the technique shown in this video:
Inserting Zippers into Knitted Garments – Knitting Daily

All of the information on how to prep the zipper and use the knit repair tool are shown very well in the video so I won’t repeat that here.  Zippers can shrink so it’s best to wash & dry it before sewing it in.  I prep the zipper in the same way as the video by marking and punching holes if necessary but, instead of chaining the yarn onto the zipper first and then attaching it to the knit, I attach the zipper & knit together at the same time.

Instead of inserting the knit repair tool through just the zipper, insert it through both the zipper and the knit material from underneath. Then catch your yarn in the hook and pull through as shown in video.  Be careful not to stretch the knitting while sewing as that will make it zipper buckle and ripple when it’s worn zipped up.

You’ll end up with a nice, neat chain on the inside

and a nice, even edge on the outside.

One advantage to this method it that it’s super easy to take out and redo it if necessary.  Just take the knit repair tool out of the loop, pull the yarn end and it unzips ready to try again.  Once you’re done sewing in the first side, pull the last loop extra big and leave it until you finish sewing the other side too.  Then you can try it on and make any adjustments if necessary before securing the ends.

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  2. Lynn says:

    I am glad that you took the time to explain in details how to do this!. I will definitively try this. Thanks for Sharing. Lynn

  3. pauline says:

    Thanks Lynn! I’m glad you found it helpful and thank YOU for motivating me to get some pictures taken and info written up. 🙂

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