Cabled Cardigan

I am FINALLY almost done the cabled cardigan commission I’ve been working on!  All that’s left is to sew in the zipper.  This was one of those projects where, if it could go wrong, it did.

I had to reknit the back and one front after knitting them at the wrong gauge.   Then I totally messed up the cable pattern on one front and had to redo it.  Then the shaping was awful on the shoulder caps so I had to reknit those–ugh, ripping back with cables–NOT my favourite pastime.  The sewing went fairly smoothly but then after knitting the collar I did the bind-off WAY too tight (haven’t done that in ages) and, of course, I didn’t check it until after I cut the yarn so I had to rip back 2 rows to have enough left to bind-off again more loosely.

But I am VERY happy with the result!  Oh, and this was done on my Bond/ISM, 8mm plastic bed knitting machine.  The top pic is more accurate for the colour (on my monitor).

The post showing how I inserted the zipper is here: Inserting a Zipper

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4 Responses to Cabled Cardigan

  1. TracyKM says:

    That looks really cosy and gorgeous!

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  3. pauline says:

    Thank you both! It was worth all the trouble it was to make and I figure this means my next project will be smooooth sailing! 😉

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