A Sweater for ME :)

Well, all projects got put on hold when I got a knitting commission last week.  Since I had to wait a few days for the yarn to come in, Dan suggested I use the time to do up a ribbed turtleneck I’d been planning for myself.  Frankly, I think it was mostly because said sweater matches Magnum’s sweater and Dan thinks that’s just adorable!

Since this was Mag’s first sweater and something of a prototype we went shopping for mill ends.  Dan found a colour he liked and we bought 2 of the 3 bags  (1 lb each) that they had so I’d be sure to have enough.  His sweater used almost exactly one bag.  When I mentioned there was almost enough left for a matching sweater for me, Dan thought that would be very cute so next trip to the mall we went looking to see if the third bag was still there.  It wasn’t, so I put the extra yarn away and started working on other projects.  A couple of weeks later we’re browsing through the yarn dept. and there’s another bag of the yarn!  Of course we scooped it up!

So here’s my sweater:

Ribbed TurtleneckI use  Knitware to create a basic pattern and then adjust for the pattern stitch & shaping.  It was knit on my Bond ISM in all-over 6×2 rib with 2×2 rib cuffs, hem & turtleneck–yes, I latched up every stitch of the ribbing by hand.  I’m really good at latching up now! 😉

Thanks for stopping by & enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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4 Responses to A Sweater for ME :)

  1. TracyKM says:

    That looks great! I’ve wanted to do a ribbed sweater too, maybe now that I have my bulky, I will!

  2. Mike! says:

    I haven’t even seen that sweater!

    You kind of match Tiger with it on with the brindle and all!

    • pauline says:

      LOL! It does match Mag’s sweater–same yarn but different stitch pattern so the colour pattern came out different.

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