DIY 8mm Knitting Machine Tools

Here are some of the tools Dan has made for me for my Bond.

DIY_Bond_ToolsAt the top are two claw weights made from forks, fishing weights and s-hooks.  Across the bottom there are 2 claw weights made from forks and rolls of pennies. Then 2 transfer tools–my bunny tools for his ‘hunny bunny’ 😉 –made from bobby pins (hairpins), the handles from the forks at the top and PermaPoxy Multi-Metal Epoxy which can be found in the automotive department–this is AWESOME stuff!).  And, lastly, a needle selector made from a wide tooth comb that happened to have teeth spaced exactly 8mm apart.

We made the fishing weights first but I found I actually prefer using the penny roll ones.  They are slightly heavier and because they are solid I find them easier to move around.

Thanks to Cynthia for reminding me.  You should paint or coat the fishing weights so that you don’t have to worry about handling lead.  I wanted to get a pic of them uncoated so that people could see what they look like in the store.

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5 Responses to DIY 8mm Knitting Machine Tools

  1. Cynthia Ogden says:

    I love the comb, I may have to check out my big come. I have made some of the fishing weights, I dipped them in a plastic to coat them /or painted them with acrylic paint.

    I like the transfer tools, what did you use for the transfer part?

    • pauline says:

      They are bobby pins. The kind that are made of flat metal and straight on one side and kinda zigzaggy on the other side. Thanks for reminding me about painting/coating the weights. I wanted to get a picture before painting so people could see what they looked like in the store and then forgot to add it in.

  2. TracyKM says:

    That’s a great suggestion for using the metal epoxy instead of polymer clay, and re-using the leftover handles. I had made some tools for my LK150 using clay, and it seemed like a waste to use such a big blob of it for a handle…and then the bobby pins fell out!

    • pauline says:

      Thanks! Will pass your comment on to Dan–he’s the one that thought of using it. I love polymer clay and it’s great for some stuff but the permapoxy is much better when you need durability. The stuff we used actually has ground steel in it. Dan says it’s also known as ‘steely putty’.

  3. Carol Green says:

    These tools are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

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